How to park a tiger (speaker needed for sound effects)

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Chunder Blocks

Subsequent to this particular episode, our set of blocks became known as The Chunder Blocks or "Clyde se kots-blokkies". I do remember one Sunday morning in Rodney's gym that Marlon "The Fridge" Daniels did deadlifts off the block to the point where he lost his breakfast in the stormwater drain outside the gym. He came back into the gym, pale and white as a sheet, and Henk "The House" De Wet told him "now you know how kak it feels to be white". 

i remember that day like it

i remember that day like it was y/day, what a workout of many thereafter, it was hectic, every other sunday became like that, lmao. i became a white man.

ha ha ha ha!!! Good old Henk

ha ha ha ha!!! Good old Henk or as I call him Kenk due to the Commonwealth games spelling of his name.


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