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The Exco of the SAPF had a very important meeting on Sunday 30 September 2012 where we discussed the future of the SAPF as a National Federation.


Please note that the interim decisions we took is 100% to the benefit of the sport and not for any one persons personal gain - in our view the sport is bigger than any individual ( although certain individuals beg to differ )


I will summarize the decisions   - these decisions will be interim until the 2013 AGM and will be in effect from 1/10/12


Gail will be acting President of the SAPF with the main job description to deal with SASCOC, SRSA and SAIDFS


Hannie will be Vice President : International - he will be our representative at the IPF , do all nominations etc for teams to Worlds, will be Chairman of the tech committee as well as the Selection Committee - he will also be in charge of the referees


Andre Ludik will be Vice President : national - he will work with all the provinces and guide the Provincial heads to assist us to comply to SASCOC requirements - he will also do all national Colour applications - he will oversee all development programmes in all provinces


Helgard will stay on as general Secretary and do all entry forms for national Comps


Jacques Knoesen will be the Affiliation Treasurer and do all affiliations


Riana Kessel will be the Asset Control Officer - she will keep a register of all SAPF assets - any application for assets will go through her to Andre who will present it to the Exco


Clyde Keevy will do all medals, trophies, certificates for National comps


Cliff Hayim - webmaster and record keeper


Heinrich J v Rensburg - Media officer


If any member of the SAPF do not agree with the decisions as set out above, please put it in writing to your provincial head, who must forward to me and we will give that the necessary attention


A more detailed mail will be distributed shortly, but in the mean time we really need to get all the support from all the lifters




Helgard Coertze

General Secretary


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