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30/11/2023 SA Classic and Equipped records have been updated after World SubJunior and Junior Powerlifting Championships
30/11/2023 Results of Gauteng Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championships 2023-24
30/11/2023 Results of Gauteng Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2023-24
14/10/2023 Please see announcement from SAIDS regarding Tramadol 
01/10/2023 The SAPF mourns the loss of Matt Bekker, who passed away today after recent surgery. Matt was a Protea powerlifter, National referee and powerlifting coach, a kind and gentle person known for sharing advice or giving encouragement to those around him. Our thoughts go to his family, friends, and the extended powerlifting family, at this difficult time. R.I.P. Matt.
18/09/2023 The African Powerlifting and Bench Press records have been updated on the APF website here : https:/www.powerlifting-africa.com/records 
African record certificates are all published on our website here: https://www.powerliftingsa.co.za/node/1572
11/08/2023 Correction to 2024 SA Championships dates - SA Classic moved to the week after Easter:
2-3 March 2024: SA Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championships, Eastern Cape
3 April 2024: SAPF AGM, Potchefstroom
4-7 April 2024: SA Classic Powerlifting Championships, North West
27-28 April 2024: SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships, Gauteng
31/07/2023 Classic records have been updated after World Classic Open Championships in Malta, and 
Equipped records have been updated after SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships 
27/07/2023 Master lifters who wish to be nominated for the World Masters Classic and Equipped Powerlifting Championships in Mongolia, please see details here. 
26/07/2023 SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2023 - results and qualifiers
26/07/2023 Qualifiers for 2023 Internationals - updated with SA Equipped Powerlifting qualifiers
25/07/2023 R.I.P. - Kevin McNamara
A few words by Helgard Coertze for a very special powerlifting man.....who sadly has passed on.
One of the legends of the "Iron Game" (gym owner, bodybuilder, powerlifter, trainer, coach and administrator par excellence) in South Africa and above all the humblest of human beings you could ever meet.
No one has ever heard Kevin say one bad thing about another person and I would be at a loss for words if ever I heard of a crooked word directed at him. From the early days at his gym in Paul Kruger Str, Pretoria, when Kevin was still a competive bodybuilder, it certainly was an absolute honor for young upcoming gym rats to train at his gym and even more so to see him train, if you were prepared to go to gym not later than 4am!! in the morning. Later, when he moved on to powerlifting, competing with his son Neal, he was always willing and eager to assist new lifters, even to the extent that coaching and assisting them, probably and almost certainly impeded his own chance at personal success and achievements (although this would apply to our worldly definition of success, which almost certainly wouldn't apply in Kevin's heart and mind).
If you didnt have money for gym fees, you could just ask and pay later. That was the man Kevin was. It was never about money, fame or accolades. He embraced the sport and its people with incredible and palpable passion.
One would never hear Kevin complain; no matter what the circumstances. Just that trademark Kevin smile and all was well.
A giant left us today.
A giant who left a giant void that cannot be filled.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.
15/07/2023 New rule regarding SA records to be implemented with immediate effect: If a member receives a suspension of more than two (2) years following an Adverse Finding, the SAPF will implement the following action in addition to all actions stipulated by SAIDS / CCES / IPF / WADA:
- The SAPF will remove all South African National Powerlifting and Bench Press records set by the member in the four (4) years prior to the date of the adverse test.
- The previous record/s will be reinstated
- Other lifters may claim these records based on results from appropriate championships.
13/07/2023 Important information about WADA Certificates due to expire: If you did your WADA Anti-Doping Education course nearly 2 years ago, please look out for an email from
ADEL by WADA <adel@wada-ama.org>, with the subject
"Refresh your knowledge about anti-doping with our latest fresher course!"
This will tell you which certificate is about to expire, and will include a link to take you directly to the applicable Refresher course. The refresher courses are short and contain useful new information necessary for all our members. Once you have completed the refresher, please download your certificate and send the pdf copy to Heather.Leighton@powerlifting.sport. Check out the Anti Doping links on the left menu for more info.
10/07/2023 2024 SA Championships dates have been announced:
2-3 March 2024: SA Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championships, Eastern Cape
27 March 2024: SAPF AGM, Potchefstroom
28-31 March 2024: SA Classic Powerlifting Championships, North West
27-28 April 2024: SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships, Gauteng 
26/06/2023 Who needs to apply for a TUE in advance? - Important info for all lifters. Although Subjunior and Master lifters are allowed to apply for a TUE retroactively if tested at an international comp, if this is denied they risk an Adverse Analytical Finding. Check your medication and apply for a TUE before you compete at a Provincial/National comp. 
Click here for all the information needed, as well as how to apply for a TUE on the SAIDS website
Check out the Anti Doping links on the left menu for more info.
12/06/2023 Updated Classic and Equipped SA Records and Certificates after World Bench Press Championships, Sun City
12/06/2023 Subjunior and Junior lifters who wish to be nominated for the World Subjunior and Junior Classic and Equipped Powerlifting Championships, please see details here
04/06/2023 North West Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2023 - Results and qualifiers
10/05/2023 Eastern Cape Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2023 - Results
01/05/2023 Coach Accreditation for remainder of National and International Competitions - 2023
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