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Entries for SA Raw Bench Press can be submitted on competition day. Entry fee will be R150. Entries received earlier than 7 days prior to competition, entry fee will be R100. The purpose of the Standards is merely to determine the minimum qualification for Gold Medals and National Raw BP Records. Lifters cannot use this competition to qualify for SA Bench in November, as Preliminary Entries for SA Bench Press close on 29 September 2009.  Entries online are available.


Raw bench press competition

I think the "raw" competitions are a very positive development. It would have been great if it was held outside of school holidays. I personally spent hours on the web trying to find cheap airline tickets, but no go. Due to the school holidays ets tickets were few and very expensive. There were no lifters from the outlying provinces and I am sure it is only because of the cost factor. Maybe we should have this competition in the different provinces on the same day etc like the Interprovincials.


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