SA Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championships

17 Feb 2018
17 Feb 2018

Please see results below - qualifiers for Worlds teams are identified on the results: 

RESULTS - Classic Bench Press

RESULTS - Equipped Bench Press


*** Update 7/2/2018: Change to weighin and start times ***
Weigh-in for Classic(Raw): 07h00-08h30 Lifting starts at: 09h00
Weigh-in for Equipped: 12h00-13h30 Lifting starts at: 14h00

Final Nominations - Classic Bench 

Final Nominations - Equipped Bench 

Online Entry

Entry Details

Please see below for list of preliminary nominations:
Preliminary nominations - Classic Bench   (corrected 4/2/2018)
Preliminary nominations - Equipped Bench  (corrected 4/2/2018)

Note: Final nominations close on 11 Feb, by which time we need to know about all weight division/age group changes, Tshirt sizes, or lifters on the Prelim list who are withdrawing. 11 Feb is also the deadline for entry fees to be paid, and for all lifters to ensure their 2018 Affiliation has been done.

Bank account for Comp entry fees:   C Anthony, FNB Acc 62032347719 Branch 250017 (R600 for one comp, R900 for two comps, R100 per additional age class)




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