IPF RAW Classics Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom

1 Jun 2014
8 Jun 2014

Final Team SA Medal Tally

Gold 16 (Sq 3 BP 2 DL 7 Tot 4)
Silver 26 (sq 8 BP 6 DL 7 Tot 5)
Bronze 43 (sq 13 BP 9 DL 9 Tot 12)

Count of Medals: 85

New SA Records: 114
Commonwealth Records: 17
World Records: 4

Team Placing

Women SubJunior: 3rd

Women Junior: 8th

Women Open: 10th

Women Master 1: 2nd

Women Master 2: 6th

Men SubJunior: 2nd

Men Junior: 3rd

Men Open: 9th

Men Master 1: 6th

Men Master 2: 6th

Men Master 3: 7th



The deadline for the Preliminary Nominations and WhereAbout must be in with IPF by 1 April 2014. The deadline for the team to submit their forms (including passport and ID documents) as requested has therefor been brought forward to Friday 28 March, as this information still needs to be processed for the submission to IPF. Any late submission of this information after Friday 28th, will result in your Nomination being removed, resulting in your place in the team being forfeited. Please note this is regulated by IPF, and SAPF has no discretion in allowing late entries. All reserves team members are also required to adhere to this deadline. Openings in the team will then revert to the reserve team members.
Due to the size of the team, this notice will not be delivered telephonically, and therefore remains the responsibility of team members to check their emails and the SAPF website in this regard. It is also requested that team member email and contact details are updated by clicking here. Please highlight in a colour if information is added or edited. All further correspondence will be directed by email only. All the required forms are available on the SAPF website.

SA Team Selection

Selection Letter


WhereAbouts Form

Personal Information on Team Kit


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