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Unofficial - Online  Live (maintained by lifters)

See how you rate. The Live Online Bench Press Ranking is available for lifters to add their best Bench Press Total and Wilks Total. There is no verification of these Totals, so we rely on the lifters to update those lifts achieved in any provincial or national competition, honestly. The name and date of the competition needs to be included. Lifts can be updated by first logging on, then clicking "Update My Details" , then "Lifts", located on the top of the website. The Wilks calculator on the website can be used to calculate the Equivalent Wilks Points. Sorting available on Name, Total or Wilks Points. Some lifts have been added for testing purposes.

Online Powerlifting Rankings will be available, should this feature prove to be of value to the Lifters.

1. Bench Press - Sub Junior

2. Bench Press - Junior

3. Bench Press - Open

4. Bench Press - Master 1

5. Bench Press - Master 2

6. Bench Press - Master 3


1. Top Male and Female lifters as at 15 August 2010

2. National Powerlifting Ranking Lists for 2003 - 2009. This spreadsheet was current at June 2009

3. South African National Records. These Records are current at 24 November 2010

3a. Powerlifting & Bench Press - Men & Women

3b. Mens Powerlifting and Bench Press Records in a format allowing sorting and filtering.

Click on the link above, and then select "Open". Click on the drop down arrows to filter on your required selection.



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