SA Bench Press November 2009






Cadillac Theatre and Club Zambesi Retail Park c/o Zambesi road east and the Moloto road Derdepoort Pretoria Gauteng (Just next to Oxygen Fitness and Wellness Centre). See Map

Weigh In No 1:  9h00  - Competition Starts 11h00

 All Women  - flight 1

 Men - 56 - 75 - flight 2

 Men - 82,5     - flight 3


Weigh In No 2:  12h00  - Competition

 Men - 90 - 100 - flight 1

 Men - 110 - flight 2

 Men - 125 - 125+ - flight 3

 Banquet - 18h00

 Buffet: -  18h45

Final Entries

Prelim Entries

Entry Form


Mathew Cosmo is looking for a

Bench Shirt - Mathew Cosmo is looking for a size 36 bench shirt for one of his lifters for this competition. Please contact him on 082 7790536 should you be able to assist.

SA Bench Results!

Does anyone know when the results of SA Bench will be out? It has been like 2 weeks ago!

They are now there.

They are now there.

Training partner needed for the 2010/2011 Season

Training partner needed, I live and train in Randfontein at home, just pitch regularly and train with me my lifts are in the region of 300 150 290 I am a Master 2 lifter. Contact me on my Facebook profile


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