Qualifying Standards


Selection Process & Criteria

Click here for the Incentive Badge Minimum Standard to Qualify for Colours

Until such time as Gauteng Championships are held earlier in the year, Athletes are
required to:

  1. Compete at Gauteng Provincial Championships (Bench Press and / or Powerlifting) in the year prior to the issue of Provincial Colours, and achieve the minimum qualification Badge for ‘Provincial Colours’ as stipulated in Annexure A - Gauteng Powerlifting and Bench Press - Incentive Badges and Qualifying Standards, based only on the age categories where you achieved a Total.

  2. Represent Gauteng at a South African Powerlifting Federation National Championship

National Championships are split into multiple events during the varying months of the year, following the Gauteng Championships of the previous year. Athletes are able to represent Gauteng at these South African Powerlifting Federation National Championships as individuals rather than on a team basis. National Championship are held annually for:  

  1. Classic Powerlifting

  2. Classic Bench Press

  3. Equipped to Powerlifting

  4. Equipped Bench Press 

Provincial colours will be awarded to those Lifters competing at any of these four events held after the qualifying Gauteng Championship, but prior to the Gauteng Championship (Bench Press and / or Powerlifting) of the following year. In circumstances where lifters compete in different age groups or weight divisions relative to the Gauteng Championship and the National, the onus is on the Lifter to notify the Selection Committee of their particular circumstances, so that the Selection Committee can make a decision with regard to the award of Provincial Colours.


Lifters are required to make application for colours within 14 days of the completion of the respective Provincial Championship, to the Gauteng Selection Committee. Failure to lodge this application, may result in the award of Colours being forfeited. The nomination for the award of Provincial Colours requires that all athletes are:

  1. Affiliated to the National Federation

  2. Affiliated to the Gauteng Federation

  3. Are in position of a valid is SA passport - must be a sA Citizen (as per SASCOC rules)

  4. Meet the required standards as recommended by the Technical Rules and Regulations of the Selection Committee

  5. 23 Years or younger in order to qualify for Junior Colours, at the time of the Gauteng Championships

  6. Colours are only awarded once




Gauteng Colours

Click here for the Incentive Badge Minimum Standard to Qualify for Colours

1)   Lifters must achieve the Incentive Badge Minimum Standard

2)      Only lifters who had competed in the Gauteng Powerlifting Champs will qualify for Gauteng powerlifting colours

3)      Only lifters who had competed in the Gauteng Bench Press Champs will qualify for Gauteng bench press colours

4)      Lifters must compete at least twice (once at the Gauteng champs and at least once at any other qualifying or National competition.)


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