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23/04/2023 Gauteng Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2023 - results and qualifiers
23/04/2023 All lifters, coaches and referees interested in attending the Asia / Pacific / Africa Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships in Hong Kong (24-30 June) please get your names and details to Heather asap. See link below to check if you qualified. Click here for competition details. 
13/04/2023 Qualifiers for SA Teams for 2023 International Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships 
12/04/2023 Gauteng Colours and Certificates Awarded
08/04/2023 SA Classic Records have been updated after SA Classic Powerlifting Championships
27/03/2023 The SAPF has 3 copies of the IPF 50th Anniversary commemorative book entitled "The Rise of Powerlifting - 50 Years of IPF History 1972-2022" for sale at R1600 each. If you are interested in purchasing one of them please contact Gail on +27 82 772 5258.
20/03/2023 Classic and Equipped records have been updated after African Bench Press Championships 2023
15/03/2023 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships - prelim entries extended until end of day on 16 March 
12/03/2023 African Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championships - results and African records
11/03/2023 Final Entry for Payment and Changes only - SA Classic Powerlifting Championship 2023
01/03/2023 SAPF 2023 Annual General Meeting
25/02/2023 North West Classic Powerlifting Championships - results and qualifiers
25/02/2023 Western Cape Classic Powerlifting Championships - results and qualifiers
16/02/2023 Survey - Injuries Reported - Powerlifting
16/02/2023 Survey - Sport Volunteers Research Project
15/02/2023 R.I.P. - Ian Morris - The South African Powerlifting Federation extends condolences to the family and friends of Ian Morris, one of the founders of powerlifting in South Africa, who passed away on Friday 10 February 2023. We pay tribute to Ian's major contribution to powerlifting
13/02/2023 Gauteng Classic Powerlifting Championships - results and qualifiers
10/02/2023 R.I.P - Mathew Vincent Cosmo - Both Gauteng Powerlifting and the South African Powerlifting Federations pay tribute to Mathew, who unfortunately passed away on Friday 10 February 2023. Mathew dedicated many many years to the sport of powerlifting. He was a South African record holder and represented South Africa at many International Championships over the years. He will be sorely missed by all. We extend our deepest condolences to Mathew's family and friends. Click to see pictures
06/02/2023 EC Classic Powerlifting Championships results
01/02/2023 Notice for 2023 Gauteng AGM for Sunday 26 February 2023
24/01/2023 2023 Gauteng Provincial Bench Press Colours Awarded
12/01/2023 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships Online Entry and Invitation
09/01/2023 Classic and Equipped Records and Certificates have been updated after SA Bench Press Championships 2023
09/01/2023 SA Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championships 2023 - Results and Qualifiers
07/01/2023 Gauteng Classic Championships 2023 entry form and details
17/12/2022 2023 SA Bench Press Championships - Changes to Weight Divisions only (and Proof of Payment)
17/12/2022 SAPF Guidelines (17-12-2022)
13/12/2022 Classic and Equipped Records have been updated after Commonwealth Championships 2022
12/12/2022 North West Bench Press Championships 2022/23 - Results and qualifiers
09/12/2022 Commonwealth Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships - Manager's Report
28/11/2022 Free State Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships 2022 - results
21/11/2022 2023 SA Bench Press Championships - Online Entry
17/11/2022 SA Record Certificates now available for download (Equipped and Unequipped)
10/11/2022 Western Cape Bench Press Championships 2022 - results
06/11/2022 World Classic and Equipped Masters Championships 2022 - Manager's report
06/11/2022 African Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships 2022 - Manager's report
31/10/2022 Eastern Cape Bench Press Championships - Results
04/10/2022 Gauteng Bench Press Championships - Results and qualifiers
KZN Bench Press Championships - Results and qualifiers
11/09/2022 World Subjunior and Junior Powerlifting Championships 2022 - Manager's report and results
SA Classic and Equipped records have been updated
06/09/2022 Entries are open for Gauteng Bench Press Championships
23/08/2022 Application for Referee Exams
18/08/2022 Keep a log of your all your lifts and results from competitions
06/08/2022 SA Equipped records have been updated after the SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships, and can be found here
01/08/2022 SA Bench Press Championships 2023 - important information
19/07/2022 2022 and 2023 Powerlifting Calendars have been updated - see links above
10/07/2022 Prelimnary Entries SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2022
16/06/2022 Gauteng Provincial Colours 2022 - Certificates
15/06/2022 Entries are open for SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2022
14/06/2022 World Classic Open Championships - Report with results
09/06/2022 Arnold Rogue Powerlifting Grand Prix results
18/04/2022 The SA Unequipped records have been updated after the SA Classic Powerlifting Championships, and can be found here. 
06/04/2022 Team SA qualifiers for 2022 International Competitions (Classic and Equipped Bench, and Classic Powerlifting so far)
29/03/2022 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships 2022 - Results and Qualifiers
 28/03/2022 Arnold Rogue Powerlifting Grand Prix
16/03/2022 SA Classic and Equipped Bench Press Championships 2022 - Results and qualifiers
14/03/2022 Gauteng Colours awarded based on Final Entries to Classic Powerlifting Championships
13/03/2022 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships 2022 - Final Entries and Lifting Schedule : Note that a few sessions starting times have changed, and the 76kg Women's session has been moved to Saturday 
22/02/2022 Western Cape Powerlifting Championships results
22/02/2022 Eastern Cape Classic Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships results
21/02/2022 Free State and Northern Cape Powerlifting Championships results
19/02/2022 SA Classic Powerlifting Entries and Details
19/02/2022 North West Classic Powerlifting Championships results
10/02/2022 SA Equipped and Classic Bench Press Championships,  12 March 2021, Port Elizabeth. Note that entries close on 12 Feb 2022 and no late entries will be accepted. Entry form will be emailed to all qualifying lifters by their Provincial structures. 
31/01/2022 Gauteng Classic and Equipped Powerlifting Championships - results
15/01/2022 Gauteng Bench Press Championships results
10/01/2022 Gauteng AGM 13 February 2022
9/01/2022 The SAPF congratulates Christi Rees on her selection by the IPF to participate in the World Games 2022 in the Ladies Super Heavyweight Division. This is a tremendous achievement resulting from her Top 10 placing in the 2021 World Open Powerlifting Championships in Stavanger, Norway, as well as her Best Equipped Lifter position in the 2021 African Championships.
30/12/2021 2022 Online Affiliations are now open
21/12/2021 African Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships - results and Manager's report
20/11/2021 World Open Powerlifting Championships - Results and Manager's Report

Nominations for African Championships and APF University Cup can be found : Here

Nominations for Arnold Classic Africa Powerlifting events can be found : Here

13/11/2021 Gauteng Classic Powerlifting Championships 2022
16/10/2021 African Powerlifting Championships, incorporating the Arnold Classic Africa and APF University Powerlifting Cup - details
16/10/2021 World Classic powerlifting Championships 2021 - results and managers report
20/09/2021 '2022 Calendar of Events' above updated, and SAPF Competition Schedule 2022 for provinces to confirm
06/08/2021 Gauteng Club competition 'Beast of the East 2.0' - entries close 07 August 2021
18/07/2021 The African Powerlifting Championships which was to be held in October 2021, has been rescheduled for 17-21 November 2021, still in Potchefstroom.
13/07/2021 The Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships which was to be held in December 2021, in Auckland New Zealand, has been postponed to 2022, to be held at the same venue. 
11/07/2021 Gyms and fitness centres may open, subject to the conditions outlined in the latest Government Regulations
30/06/2021 In accordance with Government Regulations for Adjusted Alert Level 4, in effect from 28 June 2021, gyms and fitness centres must be closed.  
18/06/2021 Changes to IPF International calendar announced: World Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships added to World SJ,Jun Equipped Powerlifting Championships in Romania; World Classic Masters Powerlifting Championships added to World SJ,Jun,Open Classic Powerlifting Championships which is moved to Sweden. Teams and latest schedule can be found here
16/06/2021 Gauteng Provincial Colours - Certificates Awarded
13/06/2021 Anti-Doping: SAPF Tested Lifters
10/06/2021 Team SA for 2021 International Powerlifting Events
08/06/2021 Updated SA Annual Summary of Results
27/04/2021 Updated SA Records after SA Classic Powerlifting Championships
26/04/2021 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships 2021 - results, best lifters and qualifiers
14/04/2021 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships final entry list
07/04/2021 Registration form for Non-lifters (referees, coaches, etc) wanting to attend SA Classic Powerlifting Championships
01/04/2021 Updated lifting schedule for SA Classic Powerlifting Championships
28/03/2021 Honorary Membership awards to Hannie Smith and Andre Ludik
27/03/2021 SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships results and updated SA Records have been published
17/03/2021 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships details and entry form - entries must be in by 22 March
16/03/2021 Lots of new content posted today - SA Bench Press Championships results, updated 2021 Calendar, new 2022 Calendar, updated SA Equipped Records, updated SA Classic Records, and the Final entry list for SA Equipped Championships.
07/03/2021 Equipped Record Certificates and Unequipped Record Certificates backdated to 2018 (sorted by first name alphabetically)
21/02/2021 SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships details and entry form - entries must be in by 27 Feb
16/02/2021 SA Equipped and Classic Bench Press entry form - Prelim date extended to Friday 19 Feb
21/01/2021 72kg Women's Powerlifting and Bench Press Records frozen on 31/12/2020
19/02/2021 Gauteng Classic and Equipped Powerlifting Championships - entry forms
09/01/2021 COVID-19 Protocols for Gyms and Competitions
31/12/2020 R.I.P - George Parker - 27 Aug 1971 - 31 Dec 2020. Both Gauteng Powerlifting and the South African Powerlifting Federations pay tribute to George, who unfortunately succumbed to a terrible disease that has dominated the world over this last year. George dedicated many years to the sport of powerlifting. He was a previous Vice President of the National Federation and he will be sorely missed by all. We extend our deepest condolences to Georges family and friends.
30/12/2020 Congratulations to SAPF President Hannie Smith, who has been inducted into the IPF Hall of Fame - details here
25/12/2020 Gauteng Classic Provincial Championships - Entry Form
23/11/2020 2021 Affiliations are now open and available by clicking here
11/11/2020 Powerlifting calendar for 2021 updated (See updated dates for SA Raw, World Bench)
03/11/2020 Powerlifting calendar for 2021 updated (See updated dates for SA Champs, some Provincial Champs, and International events)
05/10/2020 Qualifying Standards published for new Women's weight divisions with effect from 1 Jan 2021
23/09/2020 IPF Newsletter with important changes
29/08/2020 R.I.P - Cedric Saffy - Both Gauteng Powerlifting and South African Powerlifting Federations pay tribute to Cedric, who unfortunately succumbed to a terrible disease. Cedric dedicated atleast 35 years to the sport of powerlifting. He will be sorely missed by all. We extend our deepest condolences to Cedric's family and friends.
27/08/2020 WADA - ANOCA Webinar for Athletes - 7 September 2020
11/07/2020 R.I.P Oom Sarel - We learnt with sadness today of the passing of Oom Sarel de Bruin, past President and Honorary Member of SA Powerlifting. Recognised as a founder of powerlifting in South Africa, Oom Sarel was loved and respected by the powerlifting community. We extend our deepest condolences to Oom Sarel's family and friends.
10/07/2020 Communication to members re opening gyms
19/03/2020 COVID-19: Events postponed,  Info Toolkit, SRSA, SASCOC and GSF statements, etc

Urgent Notice : Postponement of SA Bench Press Championships

23/02/2020 SA Equipped Championships 2020 results
8/02/2020 Participation in Non-IPF Competitions - Important Notice
8/02/2020 SA Bench Press Championships Online Entry & Championship  Details
05/02/2020 Gauteng Sports Council Colours Awarded
29/01/2020 SAMSA Newsletter Jan 2020 - featuring our Powerlifting Masters World Champions
01/01/2020 Details upcoming Gauteng Federation Annual General Meeting
18/12/2019 Gauteng Equipped Powerlifting Championships
16/12/2019 Team SA for Classic Masters and SJ/Jun/Open Classic Powerlifting CHamps 2020
13/12/2019 2020 Online Affiliation
08/12/2019 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships 2020 - Results
07/12/2019 Application for Gauteng Colours 2019
11/11/2019 Communication about Age Categories for 2020 SA Raw Championships (5-7 December 2019)
05/11/2019 Communication to members about events from Dec 2019-April 2020
28/10/2019 Mpumalanga Powerlifting Champs and Exhibition results
30/09/2019 Gauteng Bench Press Championships results
29/09/2019 North West Classic Powerlifting Championships results
26/09/2019 Gauteng Training Competition
16/09/2019 FS Classic Powerlifting Championships results
01/09/2019 KZN Classic Powerlifting Championships results
26/08/2019 Western Cape Classic Powerlifting Championships results
14/08/2019 Eastern Cape Raw, BP and Dev Championships comp details with results


19/02/2018 SA Equipped and Classic Bench Press Championships - Results and qualifiers for Worlds
05/02/2018 PowerHouse Powerlifting QUalifier and Development Competition - results and qualifiers
18/01/2018 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships - details and entry form
15/01/2018 North West Bezalel qualifier 14 January 2018 - results
14/01/2018 SA Equipped and Classic Bench Press Championships - details and entry form
03/01/2018 PowerHouse Powerlifting Qualifier and Development Competition
15/12/2017 Notice to membership of Gauteng AGM
04/12/2017 North West Qualifier 2 Dec 2017 - results
28/11/2017 Gauteng 7 Attempt competition - results and qualifiers
23/11/2017 Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships - Lifter certificates have been published
13/11/2017 Crossfit 1610 Development Comp and SA Qualifier - results
02/11/2017 Gauteng 7 Attempt Competition - Details and entry form
31/10/2017 New African Equipped Powerlifting and Bench Press Records
30/10/2017 Open Deadlift Competition 2017 - results
27/10/2017 New African Classic Powerlifting and Bench Press Records
27/10/2017 African Powerlifting Championships - results and report
10/10/2017 Open Deadlift Competition 2017
06/10/2017 Gauteng Bench Press Championships - results
05/10/2017 Crossfit 1610 Development Comp and SA Qualifier details
25/09/2017 Updated SA Equipped Records after Commonwealth Champs
25/09/2017 Updated SA Unequipped Records after Commonwealth Champs
19/09/2017 Commonwealth Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships -results
14/09/2017 Gauteng Bench Press Championships - Details and entry form
22/08/2017 Gauteng Powerlifting Championships - Results
18/08/2017 Warning on Supplements
05/08/2017 Updated SA Unequipped Records after University World Cup
05/08/2017 Updated SA Equipped Records after SA Equipped Champs and World Games
19/07/2017 Gauteng Championships - Competition details
17/07/2017 2nd IPF University Classic Powerlifting World Cup - Managers report and results
12/07/2017 Nominations for Commonwealth Championships (updated)
12/07/2017 SA Equipped Championships results
09/07/2017 Updated SA Unequipped records after World Classic Champs
09/07/2017 Manager's Report - World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2017
02/07/2017 Updated Schedule for SA Equipped Championships
02/07/2017 Updated SA Equipped records
25/06/2017 Jhb Comp Results
12/06/2017 Updated SA Unequipped Records
30/05/2017 Hit a PB Fundraiser
30/05/2017 Double Deadlift Challenge 2017
11/05/2017 Jhb Training Comp
10/05/2017 Arnold Classic Results
02/05/2017 Arnold Classic Updated Schedule
02/05/2017 Updated SA Records
15/04/2017 Gauteng 1st Timer Competition Details and Entry
01/04/2017 Online Affiliation and Payment
21/03/2017 SA Classic Powerlifting Results, Records & Team Selection
08/03/2017 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships Final Entries and Schedule
22/07/2017 Gauteng Raw Qualifier
22/02/2017 Gauteng Clean & Dead
19/02/2017 Overall Calendar of Events - accessible above this table
16/01/2017 SA Classic Powerlifting Championships Entry Form
16/01/2017 Gauteng Qualifier SA Raw Champs - Powerhouse Powerlifting
13/01/2017 Gauteng Qualifiers SA Raw Champs Entry Form
12/01/2017 Arnold Classic Entry Form and Details
12/01/2017 Guidelines and Selection Criteria - World University Powerlifting Championships
04/12/2016 SA BP Results and SA Records
04/12/2016 Gauteng 7 Attempt Results
03/11/2016 Updated SA Records (Equipped & Classic)
28/10/2016 Mandatory Online Nomination Form - SA Bench Press 2016
24/10/2016 Results African Championships 2016
13/10/2016 Gauteng BP Qualifier
22/09/2016 7 Attempt Competition, Sandton
22/09/2016 SA Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championships, Sandton
11/09/2016 Gauteng Womens only Results
05/09/2016 Open Deadlift Competition - Gauteng
04/09/2016 Results Gauteng Classic Powerlifting Championships
18/08/2016 UKZN Powerlifting Competition Details
09/09/2016 Gauteng Womens only
07/08/2016 Results Gauteng Bench Press Championships
07/08/2016 Updated SA Records after SA Powerlifting Championships
04/08/2016 Results SA Equipped Championships 2016
27/07/2016 Updated SA Unequipped Records
25/07/2016 Gauteng Double Deadlift Competition Results
21/07/2016 Gauteng Raw Powerlifting Championships
21/07/2016 Gauteng Bench Press Championships
10/07/2016 Results and Managers Report World Classic Powerlifting Championships
16/06/2016 Updated SA Unequipped Records
16/06/2016 Updated SA Equipped Records
14/06/2016 Gauteng Double Deadlift Competition
13/06/2016 Drug Tested Lifters for 2016 - Updated
13/06/2016 Gauteng Womens Only Powerlifting Competition
05/06/2016 Arnold Classic Results, Medals and Records
05/06/2016 Bench Press Video - IPF
05/06/2016 Highlights World Bench Press - Denmark
25/05/2016 Arnold Classic Entry List
25/05/2016 World Bench Press Championship - Managers Report
13/05/2016 SA Lifter Timetable - World Bench Press Championships
12/05/2016 Drug Tested Lifters for 2016
01/05/2016 Arnold Classic Update Info
30/04/2016 Updated TimeTable - World Bench Press Championships
12/04/2016 Updated SAPF Constitution
21/03/2016 New SA National Records at SA Raw Championships (Pending Doping Control Clearance)
20/03/2016 Results SA Raw Championships
05-03-2016 Entries SA Raw
04-03-2016 Revised Timetable SA Raw
02-03-2016 Updated Timetable for SA Raw
29-02-2016 Updated Unequipped SA Records
08-02-2016 Gauteng Raw Qualifier No 2
02-02-2016 Gauteng Calendar of Events 2016
02-02-2016 National Affiliation Form 2016
02-02-2016 Gauteng AGM and Gauteng Club Affiliation Form 2016
01-02-2016 Results Gauteng Qualifying Competition
13-01-2016 Entry Details Junior & Sub Junior Equipped Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom
11-01-2016 Entry Details SA Unequipped Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom
09-01-2016 Arnold Classic Sports Festival - Entry Details
06-01-2016 Notice of Gauteng AGM
23-11-2015 SA BP Results and SA Records
16-11-2015 Rodneys Raw Rules Competition Entry Details
12-11-2015 Weigh In Times and Final Entries - SA BP Championships
26-09-2015 Gauteng Open Deadlift Results
17-09-2015 Updated SA Bench Press Entry Form and Details
17-09-2015 2016 Affiliation Form
09-09-2015 Open Deadlift Entry Details
31-08-2015 Results Gauteng 3 Lift Raw
18-08-2015 Notice - Gauteng 3 Lift Raw
16-08-2015 Results - Gauteng BP Championships
20-07-2015 Updated Calendar of Events, Current to December 2016
18-07-2015 Entry Details - Gauteng Bench Press
10-07-2015 Results Double Deadlift Competition
01-07-2015 Information on All Africa Championships
30-06-2015 Results - SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom
20-06-2015 Lifting times and nominations for SA Equipped Championships, Potchefstroom
16-06-2015 Updated SA Records and Certificates
16-06-2015 SA Team Results - Classic World Championships, Finland
05-05-2015 SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships Entry Details & Form
19-04-2015 Updated Annual SAPF National Championship Result Summary
18-04-2015 Results Gauteng Equipped Powerlifting Championships
07-04-2015 Entry Form - Double Deadlift Competition
04-04-2015 SA Raw Championship Records (pending drug test results)
28-03-2015 SA Raw Championship Results
24-03-2015 SA Raw Championship Final Nominations
23-02-2015 Gauteng Kit
18-02-2015 Gauteng Qualifying Competition Results
07-02-2015 Updated SA Unequipped Records and Certificates
07-02-2015 Updated SA Equipped Records and Certificates
07-02-2015 SA Bench Press Championship Results
02-02-2015 Master 4 SA Record Standards
31-01-2015 Master 4 Qualifying Standards
30-01-2015 Entry Form and Details - SA Classic Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom
17/01/2015 GN Qualifier Results
10/01/2015 Gauteng AGM on  14/02/2015
10/01/2015 Gauteng Qualifying Competition for SA Powerlifting Championships
05/01/2015 Gauteng Provincial Colours Awarded for 2014
20/12/2014 Fochville Qualifying Competition Results 20-12-2014
 04/12/2014 It is with great sadness we inform you that Terence Delaney, passed away 4 December 2014. Terence will be dearly missed by our powerlifting fraternity for his knowledge and contribution to the sport. Our condolences and thoughts are with Carol and the family. A service will be held on Monday 8 December 2014 11H00 at  the St Therese "Edenvale Catholic Church. For any further information contact Rodney on 082 898 7706 or Jorncy on 083 451 5997.
03/12/2014 2015 Qualifying Competition, Fochville
02/12/2014 Results Rodney 7 Lift
01/12/2014 Summary of Championships and Lifter Results 2011 to 2014
01/12/2014 SA Bench Press Championship Entry Form


02/11/2015 Updated Cities and Dates for 2015 National Championships
18/10/2014 Entry Details, Rodneys 7 Attempt Raw
28/09/2014 Results Powerlifting Battle
26/08/2014 Entry Form, Powerlifting Battle
24/08/2014 Results Gauteng Bench Press Championships
18/07/2014 Entry Form Gauteng Bench Press Championship
13/07/2014 Updated SA Records Unequipped
12/07/2014 Live feed from SA Powerlifting Facebook page now available on left hand pane above FB icon
29/06/2014 Updated SA Records Equipped
29/06/2014 Updated SA Records Unequipped
25/06 2014 SA Team Selection, SubJunior, Junior, Open and Masters Equipped World Championships 2014
 12/06/2014 Team SA Final Medal Tally and Placing, World Classic Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom
 04/06/2014 Team SA Medal Tally after Day 3 World Classic Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom
04/06/2014 Live Streaning, World Classic Powerlifting Championships, Potchefstroom, South Africa
04/06/2014 Results SA Powerlifting Championships
21/05/2014 Entries SA Powerlifting Championships
30/04/2014 Details for SA Powerlifting Championships 30 & 31 May 2014
26/03/2014 Entry Details, Inland Provincial Competition
24/03/2014 Information, forms, teams etc for World Classic Championships, June 2014
23/03/2014 Update SA Records after SA Raw Championships
20/03/2014 Team SA Classic Powerlifting World Championships 2014
15/03/2014 Overall Results SA Raw Championships
13/03/2014 Click here for Live Streaming of scoresheet for SA Raw Championships
12/03/2014 SA Raw Powerlifting Entries
02/03/2014 Lifting Times and Flights SA Unequipped Powerlifting Championships
02/03/2014 Entry Form SA Powerlifting Championships, Equipped
23/02/2014 Summary of Equipped Records Broken as at 15/02/2014 with option to sort and filter
20/02/2014 Updated Equipped SA BP Records and Unequipped SA BP Records
15/02/2014 Results SA Bench Press Championships
25/01/2014 SA Development Results
11/01/2014 Summary of past SA Championship Results  (click the year to find all relevant information such as results, entries, photos etc.)
09/01/2014 SAPF Membership Application (Affiliation) Form for 2014
15/12/2013 Congratulations to Team SA on their fantastic results at the Commonwealth Championships in New Zealand - 21 Lifters in Team SA. 49 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals, 5 Bronze medals, 24 New SA Records, 6 New Commonwealth Records, 1 New World Record, 3 Best Lifter awards
15/12/2013 Updated SA Unequipped Records
15/12/1013 Updated SA Equipped Records
13/12/2013 Entry Form SA Unequipped Powerlifting 2014
13/12/2013 Entry Form SA Bench Press Championships 2014
01/12/2013 Notice of Gauteng AGM for 18 January 2014

29/11/2013 Live streaming of the Commonwealth Championships. Team SA will be competing.
08/11/2013 WADA Questions and Answers
29/10/2013 Entry Form - Gauteng Competition, St Stitians, Sandton
26/10/2013 Updates SA Records after SA Bench Press Championships
26/10/2013 SA Bench Press Championship Results 
20/10/2013 Final Nominations and Weigh-In times for SA Bench Press Championships 2013
12/10/2013 PreliminaryFinal Nominations for SA Bench Press Championships 2013
27/09/2013 Updated SA Records after World Master Championships 
27/09/2013 Congratulations to the following lifters who represented SA at the World Master Championships: Jorncy Page - 4 new SA Records, Elisabeth Barry - 4 new SA Records - 5 Silver Medals, Michelle de Souza - Bronze DL medal - 1 new SA Record
08/09/2013 SA Bench Press Entry Form
30/08/2013 Gauteng Bench Press Championship - Scoresheets
23/08/2013 Updated SA Records after Inter-Provincial Championships
19/08/2013 Commonwealth Powerlifting - Team Selection
15/08/2013 Inter-Provincial Overall Results
13/08/2013 2013 Incentive Badges and Qualifying Standards
13/08/2013 Gauteng Bench Press Championship Entry Form
07/08/2013 Notice - Regarding Rhino and other Powerlifting Clubs/Federations
30/07/2013 SA Powerlifting Federation will be hosting the June 2014 World Classic Powerlifting Championships (Unequipped) in Johannesburg
25/07/2013 Notice - Inter-Provincial & Qualification for Commonwealth Championships
22/07/2013 Entry Forms - Inland & Coastal Inter-Provincial Championships
03/06/2013 Updated SA Records. Equipped and Unequipped
30/06/2013 Summary of New SA Records (Unequipped)
30/06/2013 Summary of New SA Records (Equipped)
22/06/2013 Results SA Powerlifting Championships
13/06/2013 SA Powerlifting Entries
18/05/2013 Gauteng Powerlifting Championship Results and Scoresheets
 11/05/2013 Gauteng Powerlifting Championship Order of Weigh-In (by Lot Number)
06/05/2013 Due to recent activity and abuse on the SAPF Facebook Group, it has now been shut down 
04/05/2013 Gauteng Powerlifting Championship Entries
03/05/2013 Information SA Powerlifting Championships 2013


28/04/2013 Summary of past SA Championships (click the year to find all relevant information such as results, entries, photos etc.)
26/04/2013 Important Notice to SAPF Affiliated Lifters
 25/04/2013 Donate shoes of any type to Chaos, all for a good cause
04/03/2013 Update on SA Raw Championship Results
28/02/2013 Updated Unequipped SA Records
27/02/2013 Entry Form - Gauteng Championships 2013

It is with great saddness, Fred Badenhorst, beloved husband, father, grandfather, mentor, friend and colleague, passed away 14 February 2013 at 7pm. His 7 year battle with cancer, his hardest competition, is finally over. Our condolences and sympathy to the family.

15/02/2013 SA Raw entries, flights and lifting times
07/02/2013 Updated Unequipped SA Record Standards and Records
31/01/2013 SA Powerlifting & Bench Press Rankings 2012
23/01/2013 Unequipped SA Record Standards and Records
23/01/2013 2013 National Event Calendar. Inter-Provincials during August. SA Dev and Secondaries Champs May/April. Dates to be finalised
14/01/2013 Gauteng AGM
14/01/2013 Entry Form SA Raw Championships
14/01/2013 2013 Affiliation Form
21/12/2012 Johan Smith Video
26/11/2012 IPF Newsletter
22/11/2012 SAPF Report - SASCOC National Coaching Conference
20/11/2012 Best wishes and congratulations to Helgard Coertze on suprising us all, including his dearest BB, on their recent marriage
20/11/2012 Congratulations to Christo Jordaan who just recently won the SWD Sportsman of the Year award and to Anika Jordaan has just won the Best newcomer award after their results from the Commonwealth Champs.
18/11/2012 Updated SA Records
07/11/2012 Congratulations to both Heinrich Janse Van Rensburg and Johan Smith on passing the IPF Category 2 Referee Exams, and to Johan being the youngest powerlifter to qualify as an International Referee, as well as his total achievement of 862.5kg at the recent World Championships.
23/10/2012 SA Bench Press Results
22/10/2012 SA Records after SA Bench Press Championships
10/10/2012 Flights and Entries for SA Bench Press Championhips, Fochville
02/10/2012 Summary of SA Records sorted by Lifter
30/09/2012 SAPF EXCO Meeting 30/09/2012
10/09/2012 SA Records after World Junior & Sub-Junior Championships
27/08/2012 Schedule for SA Junior & Sub Junior lifters at World Championships. Live Streaming also available
25/08/2012 Results Gauteng Open BP Championships
20/08/2012 Updated format of Incentive Badges and Qualifying Standards
20/08/2012 Details for Gauteng Open BP Championships
18/08/2012 Updated SA Records as at 18/08/2012
18/08/2012 Results Inland Inter-Provincial Championships
10/08/2012 Results Coastal Inter-Provincial Championships
04/08/2012 Entry Form SA Bench Press Championships


12/07/2012 Entry Form SA Inland Inter-Provincial Championships
26/06/2012 Very sad news just in - Oom Sarel de Bruin's wife, as we all know her " tannie Yvonne" sadly passed away - our condolences and sympathy to Oom Sarel, Sarel, Andre, Maryna and the grand children - it was a privilige to know her and spent many hours of meetings and training at their Monrick smallholding - RIP ( Message from Helgard and SAPF)  


Funeral will be Monday 2/7/12 @ 10h00 NG Church Valhalla South - all powerlifters are requested to wear National / Provincial blazers as we will form a guard of honour outside the church - please be there no later than 9h30

25/06/2012 Updated SA Records
24/06/2012 SA Powerlifting Results
15/06/2012 SA Powerlifting Flights and Competition Times
11/06/2012 Inland Inter Provincial date changed to 18 August 2012. Venue still to be announced.
10/06/2012 Northern Cape Powerlifting and BP Results
09/06/2012 SA Powerlifting Championship Entries
04/06/2012 See Titan, Inzer, Metal Equipment Product Lists
01/06/2012 Agenda for SAPF AGM on Thursday 21 June 2012
22/05/2012 SA Powerlifting Championships - Entry Form - Please see deadline dates
19/05/2012 Results Gauteng Powerlifting Championships - 19 May 2012
01/05/2012 Results Gauteng Club Raw, St Stithians, 22 April 2012
23/03/2012 Results Gauteng Club Competition, St Stithians - 17 March 2012
14/03/2012 Free State Championships
14/03/2012 Gauteng Powerlifting Championships dated changed to 19/05/2012 
26/02/2012 Results SA Raw Powerlifting Championships
20/02/2012 Flights and weigh-in times for SA Raw Championships
20/02/2012 Gauteng Calendar of Events
07/02/2012 Eugene vd Merwe , one of the very best powerlifters SA has ever produced died last night of a heart attack - condolences to his wife and family -he will always be remembered
24/01/2012 Gauteng AGM
23/01/2012 Closing date for entries for SA Raw Powerlifting Champs is Wed 25 Jan 2012. See Entry Form.
12/01/2012 2012 Affiliation Form
10/01/2012 2012 Calendar of Events (SAPF & IPF)
03/01/2012 Gauteng Rankings
03/01/2012 Gauteng Colours awarded
03/01/2012 Powerlifting & Bench Press Rankings as at 31/12/2011
30/12/2011 Qualifying Standards for SA Unequipped Championships
29/12/2011 Updated Records after Commonwealth Championships
27/12/2011 Commonwealth Powerlifting and Bench Press Results
27/12/2011 Photos from World Powerlifting Championships, Czech 2011
27/11/2011 Qualification Modus for World Games 2011
07/11/2011 The IPF Congress was held in Pilsen, Czech Republic, as this is an election year the SAPF would like to congratulate Hannie Smith as being elected the IPF Technical Chairman and Heinrich Janse van Rensburg being re-elected as IPF Media Officer.
25/10/2011 Update SA Records as at 23/10/2011
23/10/2011 SA Bench Press Championships Results and Team Selection
18/10/2011 Update SA Records as at 18/10/2011
01/10/2011 SA Bench Press Championships Entries and Flights
23/09/2011 Our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of Ian Jordaan, who died tragically on Tuesday 20 September 2011 under suspicious circumstances. Ian was an affiliated member of the SA Powerlifting Federation, and his presence will be sorely missed by all his training partners at the Grand Masters Barbell Club.
19/09/2011 Results SA Raw Bench Press
27/08/2011 Gauteng Powerlifting Championship Results
19/08/2011 Coastal Inter Provincial Results
14/08/2011 Inland Inter Provincial Results


07/07/2011 World Junior Visa Forms and Requirements - (click here to visit website)
06/07/2011 Photos from SA Powerliting Championships. Under "Proofing" Use password Power1, Power2, Power3 etc 
05/07/2011 Inland Inter Provincial Entry Form
04/07/2011 SA Rankings as at 25/06/2011
30/06/2011 SA Team Selection after SA Powerlifting Championships
30/06/2011 SA Records as at 25/06/2011
26/06/2011 SA Powerlifting Championship Final Scoresheets
17/06/2011 SA Record Standards
09/06/2011 Updated Referees
 06/06/2011 SA Powerlifting Championships Final Entries
22/05/2011 Results from 22 May 2011 - Gauteng Open Qualifying Competition, St Stithians
03/05/2011 Gauteng Qualifying Competition, St Stithians
 21/04/2011 Results from 16 April 2011 - Gauteng Open Qualifying Competition, St Stithians
11/04/2011 SA Powerlifting Championships Entry Form
27/03/2011 16 April 2011 - Gauteng Open Qualifying Competition, St Stithians
27/03/2011 Saints Club Results
24/03/2011 Details - SA Powerlifting Championships
15/03/2011 Commonwealth Championships, England
05/03/2011 St Stithians Club Competition
21/02/2011 FS Championship Details
13/02/2011 Gauteng Calendar of Events for 2011
13/02/2011 Gauteng North and Gauteng Central now officially amalgamated into Gauteng Province
03/02/2011 FS Championships
 03/02/2011 Open NW competition at Lagayim on 5 March 2011. Special AGM has been cancelled
23/01/2011 Updated videos
23/01/2011 Gauteng AGM - Saturday 12 February 2011 - See Details
11/01/2011 SA Team Selection - World Master Bench Press
11/01/2011 SA Team Selection - World Open and Junior Bench Press
05/01/2011 SAPF Records as at 24 November 2010 in Sortable Format
04/01/2011 2011 IPF Technical Rules 
04/01/2011 2011 Affiliation Form
03/01/2011 New Incentive Badges for New Weight Divisions
03/01/2011 Open NW competition at Lagayim on 5 March 2011
28/12/2010 IPF World Record Standards for New Weight Divisions
05/12/2010 Gauteng Colours awarded 2010. See also Overall Gauteng Results by Lifter for 2010
04/12/2010 Results - Gauteng Xmas
28/11/2010 SA Bench Press - Scoresheets
24/11/2010 SA Bench Press - Map and Final Details
22/11/2010 SA Bench Press - Flights and Final Entries. Please check.
22/11/2010 Updated SA Records as at 21 November 2010 - Login Required
19/11/2010 2011 Calendar
18/11/2010 New Weight Divisons from 1 January 2011
17/11/2010 Inzer Equipment - Product List
17/11/2010 SA Bench Press - Weigh In Time
15/11/2010 Final Results of World Championships held in Potchefstroom
15/11/2010 Congratulations to Jaco Claasen on his silver medal in the deadlifts at the World Championships held in Potchefstroom.
01/11/2010 Inzer Equipment for sale - contact 071 244 3378
01/11/2010 Metal Equipment for sale - contact 072 301 7420
01/11/2010 Titan Equipment for sale - contact 071 508 1326


29/10/2010 Photos at World Sub Juniors and Juniors Powerlifting, Pilsen, Czech Rep
29/10/2010 SA Bench Press Final Entries
26/10/2010 Gauteng Xmas Competition date changed to 4 December 2010. Click for more details 
 19/10/2010 Team representing SA at the Open Worlds in Potch from 7-13 November 
18/10/2010 SA Bench Press Banquet Menu
09/10/2010 SA Raw Bench Press Results
04/10/2010 IPF Discussion Forum

29/09/2010 Medal at World Master Championships
28/09/2010 SA Powerlifting Federation on Facebook - Click FB link on left hand side 
27/09/2010 Powerthon Results
13/09/2010 Entry form for SA Bench Press Championships. Closing date is Mon 27 Sept 2010. Only entries on official entry form will be accepted
05/09/2010 Results World Junior Championships
05/09/2010 SA Raw Bench Press Entry Form
04/09/2010 Gauteng Results 4/09/2010
31/08/2010 SA Medal at Junior World Championships
 24/08/2010 New Titan Equipment including belts and shoes have arrived. Please contact Dan on 0715081326
 15/08/2010 Top Male and Female lifters as at 15 August 2010
15/08/2010 Gauteng Championships
08/08/2010 SA Raw Bench Press Championships




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  • Please note closing date for entries to SA Bench Press is 29 September 2009.
  • Entries for SA Raw Bench Press can be submitted on competition day. Entry fee will be R150. Entries received earlier than 7 days prior to competition, entry fee will be R100. The purpose of the Standards is merely to determine the minimum qualification for Gold Medals and National Raw BP Records. Lifters cannot use this competition to qualify for SA Bench in November, as Preliminary Entries for SA Bench Press close on 29 September 2009.  Entries online are available.
  • The Gauteng Powerlifting Website will undergo a facelift over the next few weeks, as it will replace the current SA Powerlifting Federation website.
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    07/08/2010 Inter-Provincial Results (Inland)
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    04/06/2010 Inland Inter-Provincial Details. Closing Date for Prelim Entries 7 June 2010
    01/06/2010 3rd Annual Power Triathlon
    27/05/2010 Powerlifting Promotional Video
    24/05/2010 It is with great pleasure that SAPF would like to announce the acceptance of Hesterki Range and Alan van Heerden into the SASCOC/SETA Sport Management and Leadership training programme.
    16/05/2010 SA Powerlifting Championships - by Powerlifting Watch

    WP will be hosting the Coastal Interprovincials at West Workout in Somerset West, Cape Town on 7/08/2010

    14/05/2010 Entries for Qualifiying Competition - NW
    13/05/2010 Updated Referee List
    13/05/2010 SA Powerlifting Championship Report
    12/05/2010 3rd Annual Power Triathlon
    10/05/2010 New SA Powerlifting Federation Executive and Office Bearers elected at AGM
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    10/05/2010 Juniors and Sub-Juniors who still wish to qualify for World Champs must contact Hannie urgently on 082 566 3433, so that names can be added onto Preliminary Nomination List. A qualifying competition will be held at Lagayim in Fochville on 3 July 2010.
    10/05/2010 Team Selection from SA Powerlifting Championships, Best Lifters and Appointed Referees
    08/05/2010 SA Powerlifting Championship Results
    06/05/2010 List of Current and Past Banned Lifters
    25/04/2010 SA National Powerlifting and Bench Press Records as at April 2010. Login is required to view records
    20/04/2010 Competition Schedule Revised
    20/04/2010 Competition Schedule
    18/04/2010 SA Powerlifting Final Entries Revised
    14/04/2010 SA Powerlifting Final Entries
    08/04/2010 South Africa's Lani Coleman wins Silver Medal at Master Bench Press World Championships
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