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Hey Hey.. How does the Metal Squat suits compare to Titan squat suites? Does anyone have experience in both?

metal v titan

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What about the shirts?

Compare Gear

Big Arnie swears by Metal gear and he gets very good service from the comapny. He is perhaps best qualified to make the comparison.

Compare gear

Thanks, Mark. I believe that a well fitted Metal King is worth at least 20kg on top of any similar Titan or Inzer product when used by a medium to advanced lever lifter. Bear in mind that I'm a "hip squatter" and that I teach almost all of my athletes (with one or two exceptions) to squat likewise. Bottom line is that I don't know if a King will afford a "knee squatter" as much of an advantage. It might, but then again it might not. Your mileage may vary.
On top of the performance edge inherent in Metal's gear, I find another big advantage of their equipment that it is normally considerably easier to get into as compared to the opposition's products. I normally put on my suit without any any assistance, apart from pulling the straps onto the shoulders. Significantly, a well fitted Metal suit allows one to breathe far easier than in anything else that I've tried. The wide shoulder straps make a big difference here. This also makes it much easier to duck under the bar when setting up for a squat. I've been in suits from other manufacturers where it really takes a huge effort to duck under the bar. This is a waste of energy, in my opinion.
Lastly, the lifter needs to be able to deal with the tremendous pressure that a Metal suit generates when starting to descend into the lift, hence my recommendation that only medium- to advanced lifters use them. I've had success using Metal gear on one or two novices but inexperienced people tend to freak out when the suit starts squeezing the living daylights out of them. Experiencing temporary vision and hearing impairment for a few hours after using a Metal suit and then walking around with burst blood vessels in the eyes is par for the course in these suits. Unfortunately it is exactly this feature of Metal's gear (the explosive pressure) that allows most lifters to handle more weight in it compared to anything else.

Thanks a lot for the

Thanks a lot for the information it is a great help. 


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