I need additional information on powerlifting

I am new to this forum, but it seems as if there is no activity here at all. The amount of recent posts are shockingly low compared to other forums.


I need more information on improving my lifts. I think the first thing I need to refine is my technique. Anybody out there willing to give pointers?

Elite fts youtube channel

Go onto youtube and search the elite fts so you think you can squat/bench/deadlift series. Really great information, helps a lot.

alternatively try mark rippetoes videos, he's much more beginner orientated.

Youtube squat-rx. The guy has

Youtube squat-rx. The guy has alot of basic info on technique.

Blouhond, start with the

Blouhond, start with the bench press. The greatest improvement that could be made in the shortest time is to use a smooth bar at the Virgin with lots of Vaseline on your palms.


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